Why I Became a Frontend Developer

Gilly | March 23, 2022


"That's cool and makes me curious". That's my view on programming.

Maybe ordinary people see the world of IT (Information Technology) only as one thing related to computers. But actually, there are many parts of them that we can learn from.

I have decided on informatics as the focus of my higher education since 2019. Yup, more than half of the journey, there are a lot of challenges has been passed as well. Although sometimes it has to be full of emotion.

At first, I found it difficult. Sometimes I also feel bored. How could that be? You can imagine at the beginning of the lecture learning, we learn about the basics of programming such as loops, data structures, and algorithms. But they all have no user interface. I'm even thinking of learning something unrelated to programming anymore.

Then, how did I decide to become a front-end developer?

The ease of accessing the internet is like a double-edged sword. I tried to take the positive side by starting to learn programming through the internet, internships, and training. I am trying to learn various learning paths from mobile app development, database design, cloud computing, and website development. Until I found friends with various skills such as backend developer, frontend developer, and full-stack developer who were very inspiring and it completely changed my perspective on software development, thus opening my eyes to a whole new world of programming. I really love designing things and turning that design into code. Well, that's where the love of being a front-end developer started.

I tried to build a website page with a responsive user interface with the knowledge I have. I started by learning to use Bootstrap and CSS Grid Layout. Then, currently learning about frontend development using React.js and Next.js. At that time, I thought I had found my passion and started a career as a Freelance Web Developer.

At this time, I am also participating in one of the awesome learning programs - Generasi Gigih 2.0 by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa (YABB) and GoTo Group . I learn more about front-end engineering step by step with an expert. I believe this program will help me and be part of my journey to realize my vision of becoming a Professional Frontend Developer.

We can not immediately label ourselves as people who don't like and not even try anything when we are less interested in something.

In this case, I wasn't really interested in software development at first when it became a part of my major. However, after I re-learned about it, it turned out to be my future career goal.

When deciding to make a choice of work, we will not immediately know that it’s really our choice. We can only decide after going through quite a lot of exploration